Top 10 Beverage Startup in India 2022

The food and beverage industry helps in the foodservice operations in consideration of the market trends and demand for products, costs and revenue generation, and customer satisfaction. As one of the most important industries that help in satisfying human necessities, food and beverage have witnessed a surge in the market share minute by minute. The food and beverage industry is considered a first-rate field for running a business. Therefore, especially in the beverage industry, an uncountable number of stakeholders are engaged in reaping the beverage sector. The tradition of the non-alcoholic beverages market is facing a plethora of challenges because of the decline in the demand for traditional carbonated soft drinks because of the loaded sugar and artificial sweeteners…!

Juice Cult: Ecologically Advanced Processes in Manufacturing Homemade Juices

Fruit and vegetable juice market is growing at a CAGR of more than 25 per cent. The Indian packaged juices market alone is valued at Rs 1,100 crores. However, packaged food mostly involves the addition of preservatives in the product. Although, these preservatives are not directly harmful to human health, it has always been a constant effort by the manufacturers to make their products free from chemical preservatives and promote a healthier way of living.

Juice Cult from Delhi is one of the young companies bringing about significant change in the packaged juice sector with no added preservatives and sugar. With modern technologies and zero waste ideology, the company is adding value to the industry with the difference in manufacturing process.
How Juice Cult started
“I started my career in hotel management and visited different countries like Bangkok, Turkey, and Abu Dhabi to experience the food and juice there. I brought their technology to India to help people who are facing health issues like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, etc. Our motive was to make customized juice according to them, as at one point in time I suffered from TB and I treated myself with my own handmade juices. So, I thought I should take my juice to people’s homes according to their customization. Then I started Juice Cult in 2019 as a GLOBALLY CERTIFIED JUICE THERAPIST and today we have many varieties of juice servicing all over Delhi. Our Machines are completely different as they are clean and Hygienic,” says Jatin Sharma, Founder & CEO, Juice Cult.
Standing Apart
Juice Cult can be called as India’s only customized juice subscription health and wellness regimen that has crafted more than 200 + juice varieties to meet each and every health concern. The company was started as a social experiment that was a monthly, subscription based B2C service aimed at providing fresh juices to individuals based on their requirements. Juice Cult claims to have served more than 1.3 lakh products to over 5,000 customers, including 500+ subscribers in Southwest Delhi. The company has grown organically, and has partnered with many health-focused organizations and events including blood donation camps, marathons, and health awareness drives.
“We want to revolutionize Juicing, so we have to get to the place where the current Juices exit. So, we will centralize our operations from one City in a specified area, than hitting our products in particular city than will start our franchising, we are planning to having a juice stall in weddings, social gatherings, fitness centres, hospitals, schools, cinema halls, apartments, and high social gathering public places, where are all our selected products will be available with a shelf life of 10 Days. This is how we will disrupt the healthy Juicing market with fresh farm produce,” concludes Jatin.