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Vaastvikta Malik

Did the 3-day Weight Flush Cleanse

This is the second cleanse that I tried this year – I really enjoyed the juices combo. It insured I was getting optimum fiber content which was a great benefit during a cleanse. I completed the cleanse during a reset and was able to do yoga/stretch workouts in addition to two walks daily without issue. I’m considering ordering the high Fiber Juices as a daily supplement to ensure I get the Vitamins and fiber I need every day. Reset goal accomplished. Will be doing again in August/September.

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Sunidhi Khanna

Did the Weight Flush Cleanse

This wasn’t my first juice cleanse but it was the first with juice cult one I’ve tried. I’d like to start by saying I lost 3KG in the 5 days and I’m through my plateau with weight loss that I’ve been at for two months! Days 4 and 5 were actually the easiest and I am feeling great. 🙂 very pleased with the cleanse. I did need all the juices plus a Chlorophyll shots (the first 2 days) to get Better Result. Rest Thank you for the best body i feel ever.

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Did the 7-day Beauty CLEANSE

I have done two other types of detoxes within the past few years. This one was by far the easiest one. I feel like three days wasn’t enough. Next time I’ll do five. Everything was delicious, although I did miss chewing food!. this detox was so easy, it makes me wonder if my body really did detox? I didn’t have the detox side effects I usually do on day 2 and 3 and didn’t have as much energy as I do by day 3. Also, my cravings were still present, but easily suppressed with the next juice. All in all, I still lost 2.5 kg and am making healthier decisions, so I would def do this again! I must Say Best juice cleanse order online available in Delhi NCR.

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Did the 3 Day Weight Flush Cleanse

I did a 3 day cleanse of this product and split the rest with my kids the remaining part of the week. They actually liked them and I felt like they were getting some additional nutrition. I felt healthy and didn’t get hungry during the 3 days. They actually lasted longer than expected. 3.5 Juices were plenty for me. It was also super convenient. I plan on signing up for a subscription once we get back from vacation. (We did not care for the carrot one.)

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