How to Start Juicing: Beginner’s Guide

Let’s Start with Why? Why should you consider juicing?

Here are those top 10 reasons:
1. In Order to Stop Drinking Carbonated Beverages and Alcoholic Beverages

Fruits and vegetables are  full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and medicinal substances and something interesting happens when you consume them in juice form: they cut your cravings for carbonated beverages and alcoholic beverages.Your body gets used to healthy drinks and can tell the difference when you taste another beverage that isn’t as healthy. Such a beverage starts to taste bad to you, or you simply don’t want it anymore.

  1. In Order to Get Healthier

You may have hit the age of 30, 40, 50, 60 or may be even older, and you notice you aren’t as spry as you once were.  You have the desire to feel healthier and possibly have a little or more serious health conditions you are faced with. You may have friends that have gone on juice cleanses and seen excellent results in their health as well.

3. In Order to Increase the Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

You never really liked fruits and vegetables, and eat primarily a processed food diet. You know that this is not the best solution for good health, so you make a commitment to yourself to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. It’s a lot easier for you to drink them than eat them. Yet you still get the same nutrients from them, with the exception of fiber.

4. In Order to Feel Cleaner on the Inside

You feel heavy inside. You’re constipated most of the time. You also notice that your sweat is stinky. Since you can’t apply deodorant to feel cleaner on the inside, you thought you’d try juicing.

  1. In Order to Build Up One’s Health Before and/or After Surgery

You’re facing surgery in a few months and you thought it would help to juice and consume fresh fruits and vegetables. You’re right about this; juicing will help you recover faster.

6. In Order to Detox the Body

You’ve heard about people doing detox programs and the best one for you is juicing. It’s all the medicinal components in the fruits and vegetables that will do the detox process for you.

7. In Order to Stop Cravings for High-Sugar Foods

Let’s face it—sometimes, you get stuck in a cycle of eating sweets. It seems like once you start, you just can’t stop. However, juicing changes a binge. It cuts it short within three days.

8. In Order to Provide Anti-Aging Benefits

Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants, enzymes, and medicinal components that heal you. While they are healing you, they are actually reversing the time clock that ages you.

9. In Order to Reverse Illnesses

Reversing illnesses is one of the benefits of juicing. Since the time of Max Gerson—one of the original founders of juicing for therapeutic diseases—juicing has been used for cancer and tuberculosis. Max Gerson got excellent results as well with others who were sick, especially those that regular medicine was not healing.

Yet no one wanted to believe him—except for those who were healed, and their families. Regular medical doctors really didn’t want to believe that something as simple as fresh juices would be curative.

10. In Order to Consume More Enzymes and Biophotonic Energy

Everyone knows they need enzymes to stay healthy. The body makes its own enzymes so you can digest your food.

However, some experts on anti-aging report that the body only makes so many enzymes and then stops, as if there’s a genetic limit to the number that are made in a lifetime. However, when they juice fruits and vegetables, they  ingest raw enzymes from the fruits and vegetables. They  increase the intake of enzymes, and this results in a youthful appearance.

The other reason is to get biophotonic energy. This is the energy that plants create from converting solar energy into their own tissues. It’s full of biophotons, and these biophotons will immediately fill in the metabolic gaps in your body. Biophotons activate metabolic pathways that may have been dormant in the past because you didn’t eat your fair share of fruits and vegetables.

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