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Shape You Up

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4,000.00 / month for 1 month Get a {{2Day}} free trial!

Juice Cult wants to help you achieve your health goals. Say no to the concentrate juices and switch to India’s Tastiest cold pressed juices.



4,000.00 / month for 1 month Get a {{2Day}} free trial!

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Juice Cult Subscription
Juice Cult Subscription
Juice Cult Subscription

Subscription Plan Included :

  • One Bottle Juice Every Day
  • 30 Bottles of 300/500 ML Juices.
  • Our dietician will take all the further details of your weight Goal.
  • Juices list provided by our dietician after having talks with you.
  • Free Delivery to Your Doorstep.
  • Pause anytime your subscription in case your not available.
  • Support Team available Morning 6 AM to Evening 10 PM.
  • Surprise elements (I am sure now your thinking about what kind of surprise elements, well we don’t disclose this but we are sure you definitely like all the surprise elements)  also their when you start Your Subscription.
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4 reviews for Shape You Up
  • Rahul

    The best cold pressed juices I’ve had. Very refreshing with pure ingredients. Honest with their claims of being with no preservatives. Shelf life is 48 hrs which is real in case of cold pressed juices unlike other brands that claim as much as 21 days!! For all those looking for REAL cold pressed juices, juicecult it is!!

  • Geetanjali

    The quality of juice and smoothie is commendable. They’re are fresh and very nutritive.
    This is worth giving a shot too. Also they customize according to the the needs of the consumer. Service is great and on time.

  • Bhumika Sharma

    While dieting, I missed something that was tasty yet healthy and fresh.This place had everything I was looking for and now I’m hooked.

  • Garima ranjan

    Juice Cult is a bringing a fitness wave by their amazing cold pressed juices. Each fruit is cold pressed retaining individual health benefits and uniqueness of taste. These juices are fresh with no added sugar and no preservative. They showcase a medley of juices ranging from pineapple, pomegranate, watermelon to mixed juices varieties like berry mix and green mix.

    I’ve tried their juices(Pineapple juice and Pomegranate juice) and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Their juices are full of pulp and have perfect smooth texture. Best part is juice is packaged in reusable glass bottle.

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